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Personal Reality Entertainment is fast becoming the new online television. When we think of online television, we think about watching on our computers what we already watch on our televisions. Online television shouldn't be about reruns of our favorite reality shows. It should be about creating our own reality shows. How many times have you watched a reality show and thought, "Thats not real. I could do something better than that". Or watched completely stupid viral videos online for hours at a time contributing to their millions of views. Internet video is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment that we know today and personal reality entertainment will be the next level of social media communication.

The advancement of social media technology has reached a point where nearly every person carries a cell phone in their pockets capable of taking quality video with decent sound. Camcorders have gotten small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and take high definition video. So it goes without saying that the world of internet video has skyrocketed. Viral videos reach millions because millions of people are already sitting there at their computers just searching for entertainment in the form of video. Internet video and online television are wide open fields. We need to break away from YouTube and obtain more personal attention. We need more personal reality entertainment.

Everybody loves reality shows. Reality television is the most popular form of entertainment on TV. But, just think where technology will be in five years. I think everybody will be able to have their own shows from their own homes. Verbavision is about just that. Finding something about yourself and your life that you love and creating your own personal reality shows about it from your own homes. We all have the tools now and are naturally learning basic editing skills and such on our social networks to present ourselves and communicate our lives via the internet, so I'm sure we can all be creative enough to start our own brand of personal reality entertainment.

Verbavision is a presentation of me, Mike Verba. My personal reality entertainment has a lot to do with music. Especially live music. I get out every night I can and love being on the dancefloor or in a mosh pit experiencing live music. It's what I live for. I also take a lot of video. So, my shows will be about music in my life. I will showcase my huge archive of live video and photos that continue to grow as we speak.  I love to promote bands from my home state so in Localvision NJ you'll get to know bands from the NJ music scene and Tgod Television puts the music back in Music Television with great live video from my travels throughout Jersey, NYC and Philly.


Music video for their song "Braindead"

Amazing video by one of my favorite Jersey bands ROULETTE. I had so much fun as a zombie helping make this video that I stayed in costume all night thus answering everybody's question as to why I was dressed as a bad ass zombie at the Cavalera Conspiracy show @ Webster Hall! Haha. Fantastic work by Nightcast Productions and all the makeup artists, stylists, producers, directors, fellow zombies and everyone involved ESPECIALLY the band ROULETTE and their kick ass song "Braindead". Thanks Joe,Jess, Mike, Anthony and Greg for one of the most fun days EVER! -

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