Bulletproof Slug live @ Warrenstock, N

Bulletproof Slug is an EBM/Synthpop inspired project from New Jersey and was started in fall 2007 by Nick Heacock and Mike Verba. Nick programs and composes all the music with a computer and a synthesizer, while the lyrics and vocals are shared between him and Verba for a dynamic balance that ensures every song comes out sounding original and catchy. Other than a few exceptions, Nick usually writes and sings the verse vocals and Verba takes the lyrical concept and applies it to the choruses.

Nick is a good friend and Mike is my son, but that is not the only reason I am a fan of the band. Nick's diversity in his compositions and Mike's ability to produce lyrics on the fly create a unique original sound where no two songs sound alike. They produce a duel vocal attack that compliments each other nicely. Both are attending college for music and are coming along very well. As they grow, their styles are becoming more elaborate and their talents in the field of electronic music have expanded greatly. My favorite aspect of the band is a tiny bit of 80's in nearly everything they produce, I wouldn't call them retro in any sense, but there is a tiny bit of old school electro that, being a child of the 80's, sits very well with me.

These guys are young up and coming artists in the electronic music field. They have a ton of original music together as well as on their own. Musically, they're traveling in different directions and have their own avenues to explore with their own seperate projects, but hopefully they can also continue to produce music together and keep Bulletproof Slug alive.

Nick has a new side project called Tactless Renegade. He states " Since Bulletproof Slug is getting more and more serious and industrial, I wanted to remove the humorous rap songs and create a whole new side project just for them. This idea occurred to me after several live practices with Verba. We realized that playing the rap song along with BSlug songs threw off the atmosphere and tempo and ruined its EBM dance feel." So Tactless Renegade was born: a nerdcore project inspired by acts such as "Why?" "mc chris" "Childish Gambino" and "Schaffer the Darklord." "I created the name simply because I love the word "renegade." However, I didn't want to appear overly confident like most rappers, so I threw in "Tactless" to add some much needed modesty." The theme for this new project will be anything nerdy and geeky while making it sound badass. Though I'll be the only consistent member of this project, it will feature various local talents to assist some of the songs including Verba. As of right now, I've finished one TR track called "Grobyc" which is about my disinterest in the electronic world and music while using a video game character Grobyc (from Chrono Cross) as the central metaphor. I've also nearly completed another track entitled "Voldemort's Lament" which will feature Verba's vocal talent to portray Harry Potter's antagonist in a new light. Though I am still unsure, rap-esc tracks from BSlug (Virgil and The Lost Woods) may be rerecorded and joined with the Tactless Renegade tracks to form an EP called "Dawn of the First Day."

Verba has a side project called Quizzical Notion and the track "Volition" is featured on my Tgod's Travelogue video. Quizzical Notion is a more club industrial dance orientated side of the Slug duo. Check out some sounds by Quizzical Notion.

Time is tight with college and life's explorations, but hopefully the Slug will continue their progression together. Either way, I believe you'll be hearing from both of these young artists alot in the future, be it Bulletproof Slug or whatever the next step brings.

Bulletproof Slug live in Milford, N

In 2009 various live members were added and replaced. The current live line-up includes Kristen Lynn on synth, Chris Anders on lights and sound, and Debbie Rutter on occasional backup vocals. They have just finished their first concept album entitled "I AM THE EXISTENTIALIST" which deals with the philosophical ideals of existentialism, hopelessness, despair, isolation, fate, failing romance and finally, nihilism.

Download the full album "I Am The Existentialist" for free on Bandcamp

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BSlug on Bandcamp

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"Painfully Average"

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