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Lamb Of God live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ

Killswitch Engage is this episode of Tgod's Travelogue and brings us down to my favorite Jersey venue, the Starland Ballroom, for one of the heaviest metal line ups that I've seen in quite some time. They team up with Lamb Of God on their 'Resolution' tour which also includes one of my other favs of all time, Testament, and a newer favorite, Huntress. Lamb Of God is one of those bands that I go see anytime and anywhere they play on the east coast. I've been a fan since the early days when they were a bunch of kids playing the old Birch Hill nightclub. It's awesome to see how they've grown over the last decade to one of metal's most powerful bands. I've also been a fan of Killswitch Engage since their early days with Jesse and I can't even describe how psyched I was to see Jesse back in the line up. Add Testament to the mix and the gorgeous female fronted Huntress and you can see why I bought my tickets early and counted the days to this sold out event.

Huntress live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ
Huntress live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ

I made sure to get there and get in early to see Huntress. I've become a recent fan of theirs mainly because of their lead singer Jill Janus. She totally roooocks some good old school heavy metal and is a totally hot heavy metal vixen!! I was right in front when they hit the stage and got this heavy ass party started. They were awesome and Jill is every bit as hot in person and they roooocked the place. She said she would be giving out hugs at their merch booth afterwards and as much as I wanted one, with Testament, Killswitch Engage and Lamb Of God coming up, I wasn't leaving the front for a second.

Testament live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ
Testament live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ

Testament has been a favorite of mine forever and are also one of those bands that I usually get out and see every time they play the area. These guys are true heroes of mine and are still roooockin the scene like no other! They opened the set with "Rise Up" and another newer one, "More Than Meets The Eye" before roooockin' the classic, "The Preacher". They did another new one from 'Dark Roots Of Earth', "Native Blood", before finishing out their set with the amazing classics "Into The Pit", "The New Order", Disciples Of The Watch and ending with "Over The Wall". Chuck was larger than life as usual and Alex and Eric shredded the walls as always. Gene rattled the roof on the stool and I was surprised to see Jack Gibson from Exodus pounding the bass.

Killswitch Engage live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ
Killswitch Engage live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ

I was always a big fan of Killswitch Engage in the early days but after Jesse Leach left I didn't follow them half as much. Jesse is one of my favorite brutal heavy ass metal vocalists and Howard just never packed the punch that Jesse does. Now Jesse is back and Killswitch Engage have a brutal new album out called 'Disarm The Descent'. They blasted on stage with "A Bid Farewell" to Howard I guess and then a new one, "The New Awakening", to Jesse I suppose. Then some classic Jesse with "Fixation On The Darkness" which blew the roof off and I was so happy to see the brutality has come back to Killswitch Engage. They roooocked "Rose Of Sharyn" and then the new one "Beyond The Flames" before blasting out the walls with "This Is Absolution". The sweatin', stompin', surfin' safari had begun and kids were flyin' all over the place! I was front and center takin' pics and video which you can see below. The new one "Always" followed and then two brutal Jesse classics "In The Unblind" and "Life To Lifeless". They did a couple more new ones "Turning Point" and "In Due Time" before riiiiiping out my favorite Killswitch Engage song of all "My Last Serenade". They ended their set with "My Curse" and the classic Howard era "The End Of Heartache". Great set. So great to see Mr. Leach growling on the mic.

Lamb Of God live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ
Lamb Of God live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ

I was pinned up on the rail front and center when Lamb Of God hit the stage with "Desolation". I couldn't move from the weight of the crowd but it was a good place to be just an arms length from one of my all time favorite bands! I had seen them recently in Philly and they did pretty much the same set but I could see them perform it a hundred times and never get tired of it! "Ghost Walking", "Walk With Me In Hell", "Hourglass" and "Set To Fail" removed the freakin' roof. Then the amazing "Now You've Got Something To Die For" from my favorite album 'Ashes Of The Wake' although all their albums are favorites of mine. "The Undertow", "Omerta", "Ruin" had the pit swirling and the walls rattling and kids were flying over the rail like crazy. It was nuts!! "11th Hour", "Vigil", and "Laid To Rest" continued the slaughter and "Redneck" shook the very foundation of the Starland. Chris was rattling the roof as always and Mark and Willie tore down the walls and shredded the place. Randy's vox were as brutal as ever but John was absent on bass with some one I wasn't familiar with filling in. He pounded the shit out just fine and they ended their set as usual with the classic "Black Label" and I was surprised NOT to see a wall of death. Especially here in Jersey!

Lamb Of God live @ The Starland Ballroom, NJ

It was a fantastic night of heavy ass shiiiiiiaaat here in Jersey!! An amazing line up of pure brutality!! There's nothing more fun than a sold out Starland Ballroom and it's great to see that Jersey metalheads are alive and certainly kicking! I'm so glad that Jesse has brought the brutality back to Killswitch Engage and I will surely be that much more of a fan in the future like I used to be way back in their beginnings. It's also awesome to see Lamb Of God at the top of the Metal food chain. I've rooooocked with them from their beginnings and will rooooock with them forever and maybe even one day find out what Randy is saying in "Black Label"! Or maybe not. Who cares. I'm too busy fuckin' shit up whenever that song comes on. Fuck yeah! 

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