Slick Idiot
Xcessive Idiot Music
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Slick Idiot live @ Tammany Hall, NY

Slick Idiot is this episode of Tgod's Travelogue and brings us under the Hudson for Xris Smack's Stimulate at Tammany Hall in one of my favorite places on earth, the East Village NYC! Slick Idiot brings together two German legends, En Esch and Mona Mur. We all know En Esch was the heavy force in KMFDM throughout the 90's and has teamed up with Mona since his departure from them. I've always loved everything German so you know I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to see two of my old favorites perform in a small club in NYC! Plus, there was a heavy rooockin' psychedelic industrial band from Canada opening up and I was pumped for a kick ass heavy show in the East Village. I even dressed a bit for the event and Alice Cooper'd my eyes and wore my gothic steampunk tophat and frilled shirt. Xris Smack always throws a sweet party and this Stimulate surely wouldn't disappoint. Let's go roooooock!

Promonium Jesters live @ Tammany Hall, NY

The opening band was Promonium Jesters from the great white North. They were a heavy ass psychedelic six piece band with duel drummers, psychedelic lights, and a punky industrial sound. They were fast and furious. Led by Ethan Mosely on guitar and vocals their sound included an array of heavy bass, synchronized duel drums, screamin' guitars and electronic beats. These guys have been rooockin Canada since the nineties and it was awesome to hear them rooockin NYC tonight.

Mona Mur with Slick Idiot live @ Tammany Hall, NY

I can't even describe how pumped I was to see En Esch and Mona Mur performing together. I was poised right in front under their mics. They hit the stage with the rooockin Slick Idiot classic, "Idiot Music," and it was fucking amazing!!

En Esch as Slick Idiot live @ Tammany Hall, NY

Ethan Mosely from the Jesters was playing drums and a rooooockin' dude from Jersey, Dan Simoes, was blowing the roof off on guitar. En Esch is the man!! He rooocked the place with his guitar and vocals and Mona was as gorgeous as ever rooockin the mic as well. En Esch was right freakin in front of me often sharing the mic with us in the crowd and even donned my tophat for a song. They did some great classics from their albums together like "Visions And Lies" and "Justice" as well as Slick Idiot ones, "Xcess" and "Make Me Believe". Dan Simoes rooocked the hell out on guitar and the guys from Promonium Jesters rooocked with me on the floor. They really love Dan!! Check out the sweet video below!

Dan Simoes with Slick Idiot live @ Tammany Hall , NYC

As if rockin' all the Mona and Esch classics wasn't enough, they blew out the walls with some Esch era KMFDM classics! They smashed up the place with "Go To Hell". Then the classic of all KMFDM classics, "Juke-Joint Jezebel" had Esch sharing the mic with us all in the crowd and was absolutely freaking amazing!!! Then, holy shit! "Stronger than ever, ever before. Slick Idiot is THE DRUG AGAINST WAR"!!!!Omg!!! Dan the man ripped it the fuck up! Ahhhhhhh! Then finishing us all off with "Godlike"! Holy crap what a good sweat! A great, great performance from two favorite German legends of mine!! I had a blast of an evening. Promonium Jesters rooocked and it was simply amazing seeing this German duo perform. Even though Gunter wasn't there Slick Idiot freakin' ruled! Xris Smack you are the man in NYC and thanks for another awesome Stimulate event. I got some sweet live footage you can see below as well as on the Verbavision Facebook page .

Slick Idiot live @ Tammany Hall, NYC

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Live Footage

Check out the full song video of "Juke-Joint Jezebel" from this show on Episode 12 of Tgod Television

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